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August 31, 2010

Obsession and Inspiration

My current obsession and inspiration…Miike Snow.  He is my internal soundtrack.  If you happen to see me speaking with no sound coming out, I am probably singing Cult Logic in my head.

Make sure you check out the song titled Plastic Jungle.  It is so very appropriate.

August 30, 2010

Never Trust a Skinny Food Critic

Skinny Critic

I just read another awful restaurant review.   The victim this time is Horne & Dekker.  I am planning a visit there this week and expect it to be delicious.  That is because I have a growing disgust and distrust for the local critics, specifically a skinny woman named Hannah.

I have often wondered how a person qualifies to be a restaurant critic in Dallas.  The mystery was unveiled when D Magazine posted an opening for a restaurant and bar writer.  Turns out just about anyone can do it as long as you are of drinking age and know the very basics about local eateries.  No culinary or journalism experience required.  The terrible reviews focused on obscure puns rather than the actual food are not all that surprising now.

I could be wrong though (doubt it).  Perhaps the problem is not the critics but that my inner chubby girl likes it all.  I’ll let you know what I think of Horne & Dekker and you can decide if you trust me.  Hopefully my junk food review gave me some credibility!

August 29, 2010

My Inner Chubby Girl

Twisted Root Burger

I have an inner chubby girl and she likes to eat.  I workout like a maniac so I can eat like it’s my last meal.  I think the best of lists and food reviews are crap so I created my own best of junk food.  Enjoy and load up on antacids.

Greasy Breakfast: Mama’s Daughters’ Diner
Mac and Cheese:
El Si Hay
Tater Tots:
Tillman’s Roadhouse (they are filled with goat cheese…heavenly)
French Fries:
Burger Girl
Deviled Eggs:
Central 214 (until I come up with my own signature deviled eggs)
Fish and Chips:
The Londoner
Neo (Sfuzzi is a very close 2nd)
Twisted Root (the bf’s fav)
Bread pudding at The Common Table (they use croissants!)
Sugary Cocktails:

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August 28, 2010

Uptown Life Rule #4

Don’t try so hard to be stylish that you forget to look good.

August 28, 2010

What’s the word?

So I’m sitting in an airport (I often take breaks from the jungle) and reading a girly book (very unusual for me) and came across an interesting thought.  The secret to understanding a city and its people is to know and understand the word of the street.  This single word defines the city and most of its inhabitants.  Whether or not your personal word matches the word of the city determines if you fit in the city.  Dare I wonder what Uptown’s word is?  Image, indulgence, plastic… I think I am good with indulgence but I do like to enjoy the finer things in life.  Maybe we should define Dallas instead.

August 27, 2010

Urban Cowboy Walk of Shame

Urban Cowboy Walk of Shame

Unfortunately I look like a walk of shame a couple times a week.  I stay with the bf occasionally and I don’t always remember to bring appropriate clothing for the following morning.  Last Monday was particularly bad.  It was post Sunday Funday and all I had was a hot pink tube dress, heels, and a headache.  Of course the rarely used back elevator was broken and my arrival home was timed perfectly with the morning main elevator rush hour.  My only savior was my 80 lb lab.  I figure it doesn’t look so bad as long as she is with me.  Who would take their dog when doing their dirty deeds?!  My bed head and morning breath reminded me of one of my favorite walks of shame I have witnessed in Uptown.  Below is an email I sent to a few friends describing the shame.

“I am working from the coffee bar this morning and sitting in the windows.  I look up and see the best walk of shame ever!  Homeboy is full cowboy.  Tight Wranglers, boots (not the kind with the fur), cowboy hat, plaid shirt, large belt buckle, dip in his mouth and…he is carrying a dopp kit with a wet wash cloth hanging out.  I know my face reflected pure delight.  I jumped up to tell anyone and everyone but they were preoccupied.  My only option left was to quickly snap a pic to document this gem.  Sadly I missed the opportunity and got caught in the process.  The angry cowboy walked up to the window and tried to motion some sort of fiery sign language I didn’t understand and attempted to ignore.  He eventually got annoyed and jumped in his dually truck across the street.  How did this guy make it to Uptown??”

August 26, 2010

Deuces and Smooches

Prosecco and groceries!

As soon as I heard Brittany, my Whole Foods cashier, utter the words “deuces and smooches” to fellow patrons, I knew we were long lost friends.  The best part is that my outstanding grocery shopping experience started before I met my new bestie.  It started when I found the wine bar. Yes, Whole Foods has a wine bar.  There are only 3 in the country and the Park Lane location is one of them.  The bartender (I can’t remember his name but let’s call him Antonio) gave us the scoop.  The Lemmon Ave store is also getting a bar soon.  Bring on the champagne!

I was prepared to get my flirt on with Antonio so I could shop with my Prosecco.  It could have been a bit awkward since the bf was with me, but thankfully they don’t hold you hostage at the bar.  No need to pound your vino!  I was able to sip and shop like the classy lady that I am.

Seriously though, what a brilliant idea.  I almost didn’t care that I spent $80 on two bags of groceries. I’m even headed back tonight to pick up the makings for my soon to be signature deviled eggs.  Hmm…Prosecco and prosciutto.  I think I have my secret ingredient.

Deuces and smooches!

August 25, 2010

Uptown Life Rule #3

Never play who got the better deal with gay men.  Your bf will always win.

August 24, 2010

Suburb Hives

I left the Jungle twice last week to venture into the suburbs.  I’m still recovering.  It is so exhausting with all the endless strip malls, master-planned communities, strollers, and the children in the strollers.  It’s like a completely different world where I no longer belong (never really did).

You see, I once lived in the suburbs.  Had the white picket fence (literally a white picket fence), a big house, and I even hosted block parties.  You would think I had it all but it was miserable.  So I ended it.  Finito with no looking back.  Now I get hives when I get too close to the previously mentioned.  That’s what lead me to Uptown which I lovingly refer to as the Plastic Jungle.

I suppose the point of this post is to tell you that I learned an important lesson during the transition from my former life.  Life is not about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.  Pretty insightful huh.  Unfortunately the phrase is not my own.  It was on the wall of a W hotel room in Chicago.  I liked it so much I took a photo.  I also couldn’t have said it better.

August 24, 2010

New Band Love

I have a new favorite band.  Speak.  They are A-MAZ-ING.  Yes, the deserve the all caps and exaggerated pronunciation.  I am even declaring that they will be the next big deal!  That in itself is a big deal.

We decided to go see Speak on a whim.  Knew nothing about them except that they “go good with” Passion Pit, MGMT, and Miike Snow.  Figured you can’t go wrong with that line up.  They look about 15 years old but they are actually 23-ish.  We found the oldest women closest to the stage and took a chance that they might be the mothers.  Turns out they were aunts and were more than happy to tell us about their adorable nephew.

While watching new bands, I usually focus on selecting my favorite song.  This time I was all about selecting my favorite band member.  His name is Joey and he plays bass.  Something about the skinny jeans, golf shirt, and eyeglasses lanyard did it for me.  Is that what those string things are called?

All flirting aside, the music really was very good.  Their sound is a little funk mixed with British pop and electronic.  At some point you will think they just hit an amazing falsetto but then you realize puberty may not have happened quite yet.  I’m kidding…  Their live performance is far superior to the album.  This was only their second time to play in Dallas. However, they are Austin boys and not very far from our bubble.  So show your support and go see them soon.  Tell Joey hi from the blonde woman that looks like she wants to be his cougar.  Again…I’m kidding…

P.S. – I almost forgot to mention my favorite song. Foreign Love.

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