Suburb Hives

I left the Jungle twice last week to venture into the suburbs.  I’m still recovering.  It is so exhausting with all the endless strip malls, master-planned communities, strollers, and the children in the strollers.  It’s like a completely different world where I no longer belong (never really did).

You see, I once lived in the suburbs.  Had the white picket fence (literally a white picket fence), a big house, and I even hosted block parties.  You would think I had it all but it was miserable.  So I ended it.  Finito with no looking back.  Now I get hives when I get too close to the previously mentioned.  That’s what lead me to Uptown which I lovingly refer to as the Plastic Jungle.

I suppose the point of this post is to tell you that I learned an important lesson during the transition from my former life.  Life is not about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.  Pretty insightful huh.  Unfortunately the phrase is not my own.  It was on the wall of a W hotel room in Chicago.  I liked it so much I took a photo.  I also couldn’t have said it better.


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