Deuces and Smooches

Prosecco and groceries!

As soon as I heard Brittany, my Whole Foods cashier, utter the words “deuces and smooches” to fellow patrons, I knew we were long lost friends.  The best part is that my outstanding grocery shopping experience started before I met my new bestie.  It started when I found the wine bar. Yes, Whole Foods has a wine bar.  There are only 3 in the country and the Park Lane location is one of them.  The bartender (I can’t remember his name but let’s call him Antonio) gave us the scoop.  The Lemmon Ave store is also getting a bar soon.  Bring on the champagne!

I was prepared to get my flirt on with Antonio so I could shop with my Prosecco.  It could have been a bit awkward since the bf was with me, but thankfully they don’t hold you hostage at the bar.  No need to pound your vino!  I was able to sip and shop like the classy lady that I am.

Seriously though, what a brilliant idea.  I almost didn’t care that I spent $80 on two bags of groceries. I’m even headed back tonight to pick up the makings for my soon to be signature deviled eggs.  Hmm…Prosecco and prosciutto.  I think I have my secret ingredient.

Deuces and smooches!


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