Urban Cowboy Walk of Shame

Urban Cowboy Walk of Shame

Unfortunately I look like a walk of shame a couple times a week.  I stay with the bf occasionally and I don’t always remember to bring appropriate clothing for the following morning.  Last Monday was particularly bad.  It was post Sunday Funday and all I had was a hot pink tube dress, heels, and a headache.  Of course the rarely used back elevator was broken and my arrival home was timed perfectly with the morning main elevator rush hour.  My only savior was my 80 lb lab.  I figure it doesn’t look so bad as long as she is with me.  Who would take their dog when doing their dirty deeds?!  My bed head and morning breath reminded me of one of my favorite walks of shame I have witnessed in Uptown.  Below is an email I sent to a few friends describing the shame.

“I am working from the coffee bar this morning and sitting in the windows.  I look up and see the best walk of shame ever!  Homeboy is full cowboy.  Tight Wranglers, boots (not the kind with the fur), cowboy hat, plaid shirt, large belt buckle, dip in his mouth and…he is carrying a dopp kit with a wet wash cloth hanging out.  I know my face reflected pure delight.  I jumped up to tell anyone and everyone but they were preoccupied.  My only option left was to quickly snap a pic to document this gem.  Sadly I missed the opportunity and got caught in the process.  The angry cowboy walked up to the window and tried to motion some sort of fiery sign language I didn’t understand and attempted to ignore.  He eventually got annoyed and jumped in his dually truck across the street.  How did this guy make it to Uptown??”


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