Never Trust a Skinny Food Critic

Skinny Critic

I just read another awful restaurant review.   The victim this time is Horne & Dekker.  I am planning a visit there this week and expect it to be delicious.  That is because I have a growing disgust and distrust for the local critics, specifically a skinny woman named Hannah.

I have often wondered how a person qualifies to be a restaurant critic in Dallas.  The mystery was unveiled when D Magazine posted an opening for a restaurant and bar writer.  Turns out just about anyone can do it as long as you are of drinking age and know the very basics about local eateries.  No culinary or journalism experience required.  The terrible reviews focused on obscure puns rather than the actual food are not all that surprising now.

I could be wrong though (doubt it).  Perhaps the problem is not the critics but that my inner chubby girl likes it all.  I’ll let you know what I think of Horne & Dekker and you can decide if you trust me.  Hopefully my junk food review gave me some credibility!


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