Another Missed Fashion Opportunity

I stepped into my closet this morning and it hit me.  This weekend is Labor Day and I have a load of white pants and dresses I have yet to wear.  My window of fashion opportunity is about to close.  Yes, I am a traditionalist when it comes to the white rule (one of the very few things).  A traditionalist at least when it comes to pants and dresses (party dresses not included).  Tan fat looks better than pale fat and white in lightweight materials is not always flattering. Don’t even get me started on white shoes.  When will designers get a clue about white shoes?  If they aren’t available, those with unfortunate style can’t buy them.  They are never appropriate.*  It will really make the world a much prettier place in regards to footwear.

In an effort to not be careless, I am committed to wearing white every day through Sunday.  I might even change mid-day so that I can wear all the white things I own.  I can’t possibly leave new clothing articles unworn until next spring.

*The bf and his white shoes are an exception.


3 Responses to “Another Missed Fashion Opportunity”

  1. WHITE SHOES should be banned unless they are tennis shoes or Carl is rocking them!

  2. DIVA!!! Take pics of your wardrobe changes! LOL


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