Top 10 songs you are not supposed to love

I know you all have one…a favorite song that you would get ridiculed for if your friends knew it was on your playlist.  A favorite song you have to secretly love to avoid the shame yet you know all the words and want to break into a dance when you hear it.

While hanging out at The Common Table this weekend, we came up with the top 10 songs you love that you are not supposed to love.  The list is pretty bad and in no particular order.  Perhaps the vodka blind taste test prior to this discussion lowered the group’s inhibitions.

Bennie and the Jets. Elton John (this one is all me!)

Paper Planes. M.I.A.

Sexy Back. Justin Timberlake

California Girls. Katy Perry  (shout out to Philip)

Jessie’s Girl. Rick Springfield

Party in the USA. Miley Cyrus

Big Girls Don’t Cry. Fergie  (Corey…wow)

Whatever You Like. T.I.

Island in the Sun. Weezer

Fly. Sugar Ray


3 Responses to “Top 10 songs you are not supposed to love”

  1. One of the first cd’s I ever purchased was the Sugar Ray album with “Fly” on it. Can’t say that I’m proud of that though.

    I could see myself leaving some of those songs on if they came on while I was driving, simply for the familiarity of some and the catchy beats that some of the newer ones you’ve listed have. I am proud to say that I don’t necessarily “love” any of these songs.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Sugar Ray almost didn’t make the list but the guys in the group insisted.


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