Horne & Dekker

Well I’m not eating crow…but I’m not in love either.  I was beyond excited for date night at Horne & Dekker.  Excited for the food and to prove that Hannah hates everything good.  I see the bf all the time.

The appetizer that caught my eye was the smoked salmon deviled eggs (shocking).  The eggs were decent but the delightful surprise was the side of fried capers.  You don’t even have to like capers to devour this salty goodness.  The salad was “eh” so let’s keep going.  Duck breast was the main course.  How often do you see duck on a menu?  3 times at Horne & Dekker.  Figured it must be good and it was.  It’s also a nice change from the ordinary.  Finally we ended with buckeyes and ice cream.  I’m such a sucker for mid-west treats.  We had one buckeye left so of course I asked Emerson to box it up.  He reappeared with 3!

I will definitely give it another go because of the outstanding service and heavy pours.  I tend to get fiercely loyal to the staff and this group got me as soon as we sat down (and poured my vino).  Ask for Emerson and get Shawn to tell you stories from his Dish days.  They might make your jaw drop.

Their brunch kicks off this weekend.  Shawn gave us a sneak peek of the menu.  Oh girl…


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