How do I protest protesters?

How do I protest protesters?  I get that they are pissed off but don’t punish me with early morning yelling and excessive traffic.  There was temporary relief when I thought they left Uptown but it appears as though the protesters observed the Labor Day holiday.  They were back at it this morning with their megaphones and chanting.

There are a few groups out there.  The first is the group that camps out in front of my building.  I caught the word carpenter on a sign.  I’m guessing it’s not for the 70s musical group.  Unfortunate for them, they are the most obnoxious and least entertaining.  The other group worth mentioning is the vegans protesting eggs on McKinney Ave.  First of all…why?  Nevermind.  I don’t care.  However, I enjoy their white, paper jumpsuits and masks.  Are they preparing for the outcome I so badly want to inflict?  Don’t forget school is back in session.  I can probably grab some rowdy boys from North Dallas High that have nothing to lose. I’m sure they will be happy to empty Albertson’s egg supply on my behalf…


2 Comments to “How do I protest protesters?”

  1. There are some fine specimens on Laclede. Yelling for roughly 2.5 weeks now. I may stuff my pillow down a throat if they keep waking me!

  2. I love that they took Labor Day off! Too funny.

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