I’m Back!

I took a brief hiatus but I am back in the jungle!  I attended a conference last week and I think we all know how long nights at conferences cause foggy mornings.  I was in no mood to write without biting sarcasm.  BTW, when I posted Quotes I Adore, I happened to forget that the nameless people mentioned all read The Plastic Jungle.  Perhaps an apology is in order, but I like to think that is the risk you take when you hang out with me.

And so after a conference and a 5 day vacation in Seattle, it is time for me to get back on track with my real life and stop eating like I have no shame or concern about wearing anything but pants with elastic waist bands.  Speaking of food, I have upcoming posts about my Seattle food discoveries.  There will also be posts about style, specifically lesbian style, music, and a few wild cards.  I am indeed posting about lesbian style.  I feel that it is time it gets addressed.


4 Comments to “I’m Back!”

  1. Silly girl! No apologies please! But just for the record… I was the funny one right?!

  2. Life would not be the same without lesbian style!!! So much of my life has been influenced by Queen Latifah and Ellen both!

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