Skankasaurus Ex

I know I am stirring the drama pot with today’s post.  Everyone will get over it.  This post is dedicated to every sane woman out there that has a significant other with a bat shit crazy ex.

Kymn, a friend and blogger, caught my attention last week when she referenced her husband’s ex as the Skankasaurus Ex in one of her posts.  Hilarious.  I’m still giggling and admiring her bluntness.  She said exactly what I think to the entire world wide web!  I’m sure you can relate.  Another friend and fellow blogger, Robin, named her bf’s ex Frodo. Why?  Because she is short and ugly with big eyes.  Very mature (note the sarcasm) but Frodo is the one that vandalized his home.  Get the point?  We all have exes and some are worse than others.  Even the beloved bf has his very own hellish ex.  I’ve had the unfortunate displeasure of meeting this mentally unstable woman.  We vacationed together.  Sadly, she does not have a nickname.  I might need Kymn’s help on this one.

The stories could go on and on and believe me when I say that they are quite entertaining and still jaw dropping when looking back.  No amount of prescribed or even self-prescribed xanax could make these ladies normal (I use the term “ladies” loosely).  But one day, the ex and her ghost will disappear.  The good news?  Clearly the guys traded up.  Remember this, there is always a crazier bitch out there…

T-Boz: She burned down his house
Kate Moss
: This one also likes fire
Britney Spears
: Bat wielding maniac
Oksana Grigorieva
: Attempting extortion
Jessica Simpson
:  Poor girl…
: ‘nuf said
Levi Johnston
: Anger issues with Mama Palin
LeAnn Rimes
: Torturing not only her own ex but also her current beau’s ex


6 Responses to “Skankasaurus Ex”

  1. Which ex? You didn’t really narrow it down well. =D

  2. I love that skankasaurus receives its own TAG. Does this mean we can all look forward to future articles involving the non-extinct breed we know as skankasaurus?

  3. I only hope so. As long as the skankasaurus is not directly part of my life. I will share the stories from others.


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