Hiking in Stilettos

I know what you are thinking, but I am not high maintenance.  I did go to Mt Rainier and explore a bit in stilettos.  That was only because I was still dressed in my airport attire.  Since all of my jeans are hemmed 4” longer than my actual leg length, stilettos are always a must.   Even on a rainy mountain.

Mt Rainier is gorgeous.  We loved everything about it and are planning a trip back to the mountain.  Not necessarily Seattle.  Did you know that it is a glacier and 14,000 people attempt to climb it every year?  At least that’s what the locals said.  We stayed at a quaint lodge that highly encouraged you to book the hot tub by the hour so that you and yours could have “privacy.”  Their words.  I think my face reflected everything I was thinking.  When we were feasting on local grub prior to our scheduled hot tub time, we couldn’t help but watch for couples buying wine and plastic cups to go.  Unfortunately the hot tub is really, really hot and we have a fear of bears.

I digress.  Back to hiking.  I left the stilettos in my suitcase and dressed appropriately for the planned hike the following day.  Yet I was still questioned by the bf.  “Baby, why are you putting on mascara?  We are going hiking.”  You see, I’m smarter than the average blonde.  Because of the mountain’s wondrous beauty, I knew there would be a lot of photos taken.  I needed to make sure my eyes would be poppin’.  I’m not that smart though. My hood was so large that it covered half my face.  At least I felt pretty.


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