Bring Your Own Woman

It is no fun to play Who Got the Better Deal in Seattle.  We got off the plane and something became immediately obvious.  Seattle women are not pretty.  Even if you replace the Patagonia wardrobe and put make up on them.  They made me look like a super model.  Ok, maybe not a super model but at least a model.  I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to be a lesbian.  It is so hard to tell what women are straight.  The men though…not so bad.

The grunge look is still going strong too.  Didn’t that die with Kurt Cobain?  I wanted to tell every coffee shop person and waitress I saw that ear plugs and facial piercings are not attractive!  Particularly the hoop through the middle of the nose.

There’s a rumor that everyone wants to move to Seattle after their visit.  The bf decided that was not the case for us for one very important reason.  “If you got in a train wreck and died, I could not be forced to date here.”  Men, if you visit Seattle, make sure you bring your own woman.


6 Responses to “Bring Your Own Woman”

  1. IMHO you are a super model …. maybe just a little bit shorter than one 😉

  2. OK, so I am thinking that if that is the case with the girls not being so pretty, if you are single it may be the place to go…. Hmmmmm…


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