Amateur Weekend

Lucy on our road trip

Last year's roller skates. Elvis, formerly known as Jesus, is in the background.

Call me lame but I packed up Lucy and left town for TX/OU weekend.  The thought of amateur night right out my front door was too much.  Traffic was hell but Lucy and I had a little karaoke time in the car.  Remember the post about the top 10 songs you are not supposed to love?  It was all over once I found the top 40 station.  “I hoped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan.” I was so focused on my performance that I missed my exit.  Twice.

We eventually made it to our destination, my parents’ house, where I then proceeded to spend Saturday evening and night watching tv in bed with mom and ice cream.  How could I not choose this over football?  While in bed I was recalling my own memories of TX/OU weekend just last year.  I too got my drink on and then refueled at Rocco’s before a post party of rooftop rollerskating until 5 am.  Perhaps I have matured over the last year because I had zero desire to do it all again…at least not with the amateurs.

Our drive home was a little different.  It was Sunday morning and I got curious about Jesus.  I thought I would see what this church thing is all about and find a sermon on the radio.  I lasted 15 minutes.  I ended up stopping at a pet store and buying a fish.  I named him Jesus.  It didn’t seem to fit so I later renamed him Elvis.

Oh my goodness!  I don’t think if I have introduced you all to Lucy yet.  She is my 6.5 year old black lab that goes almost everywhere with me.  80 lbs of love and gas.


4 Responses to “Amateur Weekend”

  1. So that was you on the rooftop deck rollerblading? I heard about you!

  2. First off, I love this pic of Lucy! It is awesome.

    Second off, the goldfish was your PERSONAL JESUS.

    I say this and also point out that it is okay to like Depeche Mode and that they had better not show up on one of your “lists”!


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