I Didn’t Drink the Juice

Apparently I did not drink the Radiohead juice.  I’ve been invited to the party but I don’t have the taste for the cocktail.  Radiohead fans have an obsessive and slightly unsettling desire to spread the Radiohead love.  I think my whale comparison has upset a few of them enough that they desperately want to change my opinion.  Good luck.

I have now given Radiohead 3 opportunities to wow me in the past 90 days.  To be honest, I would have accepted any sort of positive impression.  That’s a lot of time to invest in a band you don’t like!  A friend, Jeff, sent me a very passionate and persuasive email about why Radiohead is grand and made many song suggestions with listening instructions.  “Play this slightly loud at home. Do nothing. Do not make pasta. Just listen. It gives me shivers.”  And of course my favorite directive, “Radiohead is like butt-sex, you can’t just jump into it.”  That is probably inappropriate for this audience yet so very appropriate in this context.  My first question is why do I have to work so hard to like something?  I know what you are thinking…stop it.

I committed to listening to every song.  All 22 of them.  I still think they suck. Remove the vocals and they are probably pretty good.  I disdain his moaning so much that I can’t even hear the lyrics and the only shivers I got were from the open window.  But I must confess that I like 15 Step and I’m surprised that it is a product of the singing whales.  The first half of A Wolf at the Door is also tolerable.  Love it?  Most definitely not.  22 songs and 4 albums later, I can now make an educated statement and say Radiohead sucks.  Maybe that’s harsh.  I’ll try again…Radiohead is not for me.  Happily I will never be one of those “crazy Radiohead freaks.”  Wise words from Jeff.


5 Responses to “I Didn’t Drink the Juice”

  1. I am sure you didn’t like wine at first but now you love it. Think about it.

  2. Some people like different things, but saying “Radiohead sucks” is kinda like saying “B.B. King can’t play the guitar” or “Jay-Z can’t rap.” It just ain’t true. Radiohead sold 30 million albums, Thom Yorke has been voted one of the top 25 singers of all time, and they’ve won 3 Grammy Awards. Saying “Radiohead is a great band” is just as true as saying “the Common Table has a delicious selection of beer.”

    But Radiohead isn’t for everyone. My guess is that when Thom Yorke was writing all those award winning songs, he didn’t say to himself “I really want the demographic of people who consider Real Housewives a guilty pleasure.” 😉

    But if mashups are your thing, then you need to give Jaydiohead a listen. Cuz, you know Jay-Z can friggin rap, and Radiohead is a great band.



    • I think I picked a discussion with a bigger Radiohead fan than I anticipated. I agree with you on their lyrics. In most cases I like what they have to say. But I just very much dislike how they sound. If I want to simply read something award winning, I can read a book or poem. Real Housewives fan or not, I am really into music. Not Radiohead’s music.

      I have heard Jaydiohead and like them. The Hood Internet is still my latest mashup fav.


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