I have a confession…

I have a food confession.  I, the self proclaimed food snob, chose to dine at Olive Garden.  You have to give me a pass because we were traveling and starving.  I was craving salad and remembered commercials about endless salad and breadsticks. Here’s another confession…I liked it!  The salad and bread sticks were delicious (I ate the entire bowl that is meant for the table) and the $5.50 price tag is hard to beat.  They also had a wine tasting that afternoon which didn’t hurt.  We were visiting the bf’s family so you would assume I needed all the wine I could get my hands on.  But I actually like them, so the wine was just for my own pleasure.

I perused the rest of the menu and noticed how pricey it is.  Since when are “cheap” restaurants so expensive!  I wanted to whisper to the people next to me that they could go somewhere really good that’s not a chain and spend the same amount of money.

I doubt I will go back anytime soon.  Their ambiance isn’t really my thing.  I will always remember my $5.50 salad and free wine.


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