Corny Dogs and a Ferris Wheel

I had my first (and last) Texas State Fair experience last night.  There were two requirements – eat a corny dog and ride the ferris wheel.  I checked the former off my list.

Let me start from the beginning.  I selected my outfit 24 hours in advance.  A gingham dress, worn denim jacket, and a cute fedora.  It’s Texas and a fair so gingham is perfect, right?  A wife beater and cap with the tags attached would have been more appropriate.

To avoid Tuesday evening rush hour, the bf decided to cut through South Dallas.  Have you been to South Dallas?  It is straight up ghetto.  There were dice, cards, and crowds drinking 40s on every front porch we passed.  It was like the South Dallas version of happy hour.  Needless to say, I did not blend in with my gingham and BMW.  At least my blonde hair was covered by the fedora.

We arrived at the fair and I immediately realized my expectations were a touch off.  Where were the fancy food booths to sample the latest and greatest fried creation?  I wanted a real life Food Network type of experience.  I also had romantic visions of the ferris wheel.  This time I was imagining Paris or Navy Pier at the very least.  I was wrong again and decided that ride was one ride I didn’t need to experience.  We got a corny dog (delicious btw) and funnel cake and got out in under 45 minutes.

We immediately headed to an old favorite, Tillman’s, to relax with classy cocktails and truffle oil popcorn.  We even made a new friend.  It’s a little fuzzy but I think he sold us studio space in a slightly scary part of town and offered a free trip to Costa Rica.  Suckers.


2 Comments to “Corny Dogs and a Ferris Wheel”

  1. You so make me laugh! Thank you adding some sunshine to an otherwise gloomy day!

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