Hooptie in Houston

Oh girl…I am driving a hooptie in Houston this week.  Apparently there is something going on in H-town because it was impossible to get a car.  Or maybe it’s because I booked it approx 12 hours in advance.  I showed up at the Alamo lot and only saw a mini van, Dodge Ram, and Grand Marquis.  Oh yes, I got the hooptie.  The best part…the radio presets are hard core rap, hip hop and one Christian rock station.

Once I got the bench seat adjusted to my liking, I was cruising down 610 and listening to some sexy bedroom music.  Just call me driving Ms Misty.  The car is actually quite comfortable.  I can’t see a damn thing but my ass is cozy.  I can also guarantee that this bad boy will be returned with some sort of bumper scuff.  Good thing the staff was too busy for an inspection.

I giggle every time valet at the uber chic Hotel Derek retrieves the car for me.  When I was headed out to dinner, a group of gentlemen did a double take as I walked past the Rovers and BMWs and got in the Marquis.  I’ve never walked with so much pride.


2 Comments to “Hooptie in Houston”

  1. Misty I am laughing so hard right now! A Grand Marquis is totally not your style!

  2. It’s not my usual style but I love it. I am working it with confidence!

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