Selfish Gift Giver

Sometimes I am a selfish gift giver.  Shush…we all are at some point.  I love shopping for cufflinks.  They are like cocktail rings for men!  They are also the only piece of jewelry (other than a wedding band) men can pull off without toeing the d-bag line.  They are little pieces of flair that tastefully show your personality.

Christmas is coming and I can promise you that the bf will be getting at least one pair.  And they won’t be the boring silver knots or tacky sports logos.  They will be pure style.  He reads TPJ occasionally, especially after the Skankasaurus Ex post, so I can’t reveal what pair I will give him.

I think I deserve an early Christmas present.  I’m on the search for pink crystal skulls and crossbones.  They will look smashing with a conservative pencil skirt and blouse.

Here are a few of my favorite sites for affordable finds.


2 Comments to “Selfish Gift Giver”

  1. I just got the Red Envelope catalog and they have cool cuff links, check it out.

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