Beer Bitch

You all know about my fondness for wine.  Now I am becoming a beer lover and dare I say snob.  Don’t get me wrong, I still know nothing about beer other than what I think tastes good and a little about what’s “cool” in the beer world.  I owe the expansion of my palette to the bf and The Common Table.  I taste every beer they put in front of me and the people around me (I’m not afraid to share).  I even listen to the story of how it was created.  Who knew I would stop playing camera 1/camera 2 and pay attention to all the boy talk.

I’ve come across a couple favorites.  They both happen to have a champagne cork and loads of bubbles.  Just my style.  The first is a sour beer, Oud Beersel Oude Gueuze Vieille.  We discovered this beer in Seattle and it is #1 on my list.  The second is Brooklyn Local 2.  I was slightly scared of its dark color but the sweet taste had me at the first sip.  I know I can’t fake it until I make it with beer knowledge so read the scoop from the experts themselves.

There is still one problem I have yet to overcome.  I get so full and beer bloat is not cute.  However, it prevents the appearance of the saucy minx (that would be me) typically caused by excessive consumption.


One Comment to “Beer Bitch”

  1. I dont know about snob – I’d just say you have very high standards in general – which I can completely relate to! And beer bloat is why I do not drink beer!

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