Renovation and Cohabitation

The dining room. Where do I put the paint?

The bf and I did not have a typical plastic jungle weekend.  Instead of seeing a band or entertaining friends, we were ripping down drywall and sanding cabinets.  I finally told my parents so now I can announce it to the blog world.  I am going to live with a boy!  That boy would be the bf.

There’s quite a bit of manual labor to get his 98 year old house ready for my invasion.  I thought they would be quick and simple projects.  Paint, get rid of the boy stuff, take over 75% of the closet, etc.  Then I saw the massive pile of drywall and no where to put the paint I painstakingly selected.  Something tells me the paint projects are a little more involved.

You know I like to do things in style (see hiking post) but the stilettos had to go.  Not to worry, I wore diamond earrings.  Ok, they weren’t real but they sparkled a lot.  Even when covered in sheetrock dust.  I also only wore them because I forgot I had them in.  I’m really making myself sound like a fashionista now.  However, I did start planning the 100th birthday bash for the house.  Check your inboxes for invites in early 2013.

Lucy is also making her mark.  She was helping me haul load after load (sans stilettos) to the dumpster and discovered that her new neighborhood is full of cats.  She has picked up the sport of cat hunting.  She chases them up trees and dares them to come down.  I thought it was funny until the bf’s neighbor stepped out on the porch and started calling for Sunshine.  We snuck inside.

I am sure I will be documenting our renovation and cohabitation adventures in TPJ for your reading pleasure.  I’ve already had a couple freak out moments and I can almost promise there will be more.  Did I mention that everything has to be done in 4 weeks?


3 Responses to “Renovation and Cohabitation”

  1. I will miss having you as a neighbor! Was comforting knowing you guys were around the corner….and running into you guys would happen 5 times in a week…then poof for the next few months! Bests!!!!


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