Plastic is not Fantastic

Why, for the love of sweet baby Jesus, would a woman under the age of 40 get plastic surgery?  Yuck.  I have an embarrassing addiction to The Real Housewives.  All cities.  Beverly Hills is especially fascinating.  I completely miss the story line (as if there is one) because I can’t stop dissecting their faces and bodies.  My huge HD TV is too revealing for these plastic ladies.  They don’t even look human anymore but more like variations of Barbie or walking airbrushed ads.

Uptown has its fair share of housewives and plastic.  When I see the pulled, tucked and injected creatures, all I think is that there is probably an attractive woman under there.  Too bad she ruined her face.  I also have a theory that whether you are 30 or 55, botox makes you look 45.  It ages the young and turns the old into expressionless caricatures.  It also seems like it is impossible to get a natural looking fake nose.  I’ll stick with my original.

Have you played the plastic surgery game?  Try it next time you are out.  It makes the salad line at Eatzi’s very entertaining.  I’ve gotten pretty good at identifying fake tatas with a quick, nonchalant glance.

I will also confess that I see the signs of a forehead crack I am tempted to fill.  I am sticking to my Philosophy products for now.  Plastic is not fantastic.


4 Responses to “Plastic is not Fantastic”

  1. When working for MDC and traveling all the time we had a fav airport game called Toupee’ or NOT Toupee’. Tons of fun and lots of laughs.


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