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November 29, 2010

Moving Day Panic

The official move took place the morning of Black Friday.  Did it go off without a hitch?  Not exactly.  I am kind of like Monica Geller when it comes to my space, so this renovation experience has been almost more than I can handle; especially when my things were about to arrive.

I woke up Friday morning in a panic.  I don’t know if it was because I watched SATC2 the night before and got freaked out that the bf and I could end up like Big and Carrie or if renovation realities just crashed in hard.  The house wasn’t complete (still isn’t) and I was about to give up my clean, pretty little home that was all mine to live in a dusty mess with a boy.  At that moment, all I wanted was our lives pre-reno back.  The bf was sleeping like a baby and I was balling like a baby.  You know the crying where you choke on your sobs?  That was me…while hiding in the bathroom.  I was a puffy mess when I finally pulled myself together to meet the movers.  I pulled my hat down low and attempted to pretend everything was fine.

I didn’t come clean with the bf until Sunday morning (after I tortured him all weekend).  I was primping for brunch with a girlfriend and realized no amount of champagne or syrup could calm me.  As soon as I let it all out (between snotty sniffles), the panic and worries disappeared.  Funny how that happens.  All is happy in the household now, and we are so close to finishing.  I am counting down the days until our first dinner party in our teal dining room!

Now we are talking about buying a rental house to renovate.  What am I thinking…

November 25, 2010

Musty Aphrodisiac

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my family, the bf, old and new friends, Lucy, and truffle oil.  The juice of the gods.  Truffle oil is like an aphrodisiac.  Just one sniff sends me to an unbelievable level of bliss.  It’s food porn.

I recently had an out of body experience at Nova.  I was working late at the office to avoid working on the house when the bf called and surprised me with a night off.  We had previously cocktailed at Nova but had never dined.  Their lack of beer selection combined with their gastro-pub proclamation discouraged future visits.  We have been missing out (food only; beer still needs work).  All dishes were delish, and the 3 mushroom pizza with white truffle oil might be the best pizza in Dallas.  It makes Eno’s look like fucking Pizza Hut.  Neo’s (not to cause confusion) black truffle pizza is the only pie that can compete on the same level.  I need a few more rounds of each to truly determine the champ.

I am ordering black and white truffle oil online as I write this post.  I plan to drizzle it on everything.  The sensual aroma might permanently permeate our new drywall.  I might even infuse the bf’s cologne.  Mmmm.

1417 W Davis St

November 23, 2010

Smells Like Teen Spirit

I finally did it.  I got rid of my prom dresses.  I was packing this morning and realized it is absolutely absurd to allow poofs of taffeta to take up precious closet space.   I graduated high school in 99.  That means I have been hauling these dresses around for over a decade.  God, that makes me sound old.  I made one very callous mistake when I carelessly tossed the dresses in the donation bin.  I didn’t get any photos.  Damn.  And my actual prom pics are packed.

Why did I keep a grasp on prom for so long?  Was I holding onto teen spirit memories or hoping that one day one of my dreamy dates would reappear in my life?  Not exactly.  I’m struggling to even remember one guy’s name.  After a bottle or more of wine, I would put them on about once a year.  All four of them.  It was rarely planned.  Except for that one girls weekend…the night ended with taco bell, champagne and prom dresses.  Zipping up each dress was sort of a check in.  If I could still zip into senior year and breath even short, quick breathes, I was feeling HOT!  Silly, perhaps. But it was personal goal.

You better believe I paused all packing today to give the dresses one final twirl.  This time I didn’t have wine and Lucy was my date.  She gave me a raised eyebrow that said, “You crazy, girl.”

November 18, 2010

The Dark Side

I think I am part of a disappearing species.  Women everywhere are going to the dark side…

The bf and I were at the Stars game and spending more time watching the ice girls than the hockey game; they are fascinating and never break their smile. We noticed that of approx 20 girls, there were 2 blondes.  Two!  Aren’t cheerleaders supposed to be blonde?  I had a hair appointment the following morning with my highlight man, Andy.  He confirmed that this is not merely a result of hurtful gossip and it is indeed true.  Dark locks are trendy.  *Gasp*  The blondes will not be D listed!  My signature color will stay in tact.

Of course there will never be a shortage of buxom blondes in Texas, but there are definitely fewer.  I can only hope that the blondes that are converting are those that give us a bad name.  And those that are part of the buxomly group.  I plan to continue my reign as President of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

November 14, 2010

Thug Life

I like hip hop just as much as the next guy.  Okay, that’s a lie.  I can handle it for about half a song.  However, I found a band that rhymes with a little less thug life influence.  The Drums.  Their style is catchy like Eminem but without the warped view on life.  Their appearance makes the experience even better.  Somewhat scrawny white guys rocking chucks and skinny jeans.

Deuces and Smooches,

November 12, 2010

Missing: Easy Button

Example 1

A sliced thumb, 2 heat gun burns, 8 bruises on one knee…where the hell is my easy button?  I move in 2 weeks and the house is…well…still very much unfinished.  I’m not someone that freaks out (I tend to workout my stress in the gym and then later with dessert).  But I almost had a moment last night.  To combat it, I shopped this morning.  I bought all new glassware (including wine glasses), a fantastic original mid-mod lamp at Lula B’s, and a sofa.  Yes, a sofa.  A rather large impulse buy.  It conveniently gets delivered the day after I move in.  The bf was at work when I made my purchases so hopefully he doesn’t have an opinion.

Whether I wanted to or not, I’ve improved my home renovation skills.  See photo in example 1.  Don’t worry.  I did not actually perform any tasks while on the stilts.  I put them on for the photo op and to briefly experience life at 7’3”.  The novelty didn’t last long.

While enjoying an early dinner and a new Saison at the Moth last night (had to get back to the house to strip trim), we started talking about future projects.  It hit me.  The house will never be done.  Never.  What’s next on the list?  See below.  It is in order of priority.

  1. Finish the stairs. Deadline: Christmas
  2. Tear down the walls in the living room and build the new mantle. Deadline: Christmas (I need something pretty to hang the stockings from)
  3. Gut the bathroom.  Deadline: March but the bf doesn’t know it yet…
  4. Strip, insulate, and paint the exterior of the house.  Deadline: Oh lord, who knows
  5. Build a garage.  Deadline: Maybe we will move…

I think I should stick to what I do best.  Decorating and selecting the prettier things in life.

New sofa!

Lucy next to the door that caused my 2 burns

November 11, 2010

Uptown Life Rule #12

Getting drunk on a first date is entertaining for table neighbors.  Not so much for your date.

November 10, 2010

Saison Sunday School

I finally found a Sunday School that is my cup of tea beer.  Saison Sunday School.  Another Sunday funday in the books and I even gained a little knowledge.  The Common Table (our home away from home) hosted the event on the day of Sabbath with Jeff, the beer specialist, and Chef Lee making excellent beer and food pairings.  6 (big) beers to taste, cheese galore, meat balls, beignets, oh my!   My inner chubby girl was so very happy.  At this rate, I might become the chubby girl, especially after the third beignet.  I had the self control to cut myself off before the fourth.

When I started TPJ, I set the Food & Wine category with the intention of focusing on wine.  Beer took over the category before I even wrote a single wine post.  I blame The Common Table.  TCT has a special place in my heart and so does their beer.  When I finally stopped selecting beer that I thought would be similar to wine or champagne, I found my palette.  Saisons are a fav because of the acidity and fruitiness.  Brasserie Dupont is my beer king and of course he is expensive.  Champagne taste, beer budget does not apply.

Jeff and Chef Lee’s menu is below.  I highlighted my loves.  I strongly encourage you to visit TCT asap.  Order a flight (Brewsday Tuesday!) and save room for food (everything is good).  I’ll be at the bar.  Stop by to say hello.

Spicy Chorizo Puff
North Coast – Le Merle

Cheddar Wafer
Boulevard – Saison Brett

Barbecue Fries
Brasserie Dupont – Saison Dupont Vieille

Coconut Shrimp Shooter
Boulevard – Tank 7 (not be confused with Tanqueray 7…)

Stroganoff Meatballs
Brewery Ommegang – Hennepin

Blackened Tuna Carpaccio
Brooklyn – Sorachi Ace

Peach Beignets (oh girl…)
Avery – 16th Anniversary

November 6, 2010


I haven’t recommended music in awhile.  Apparently people don’t share my love for French pop.  You will one day.

Ok, but check out Phantogram if you haven’t already.  They are immediately addicting.  They are somehow upbeat and mellow at the same time with Sarah Barthe’s breathy vocals.  Each song is different and has new surprises every time you listen.

November 5, 2010

I Found the Devil

Oh.  My.  God.  I found the devil and this time he is bacon (that bastard is always morphing into whatever my weakness is at the moment).  The bacon devil appeared when I finally created the most delectable deviled eggs.  If you remember, way back in August I decided that I needed a signature dish.  I declared that my dish would be deviled eggs.  Fast forward 3 months and I had not even researched the proper way to boil eggs.  Forget making them devilishly delicious.  That was until last night.

I’m not typically a bacon fan.  I think I have trained myself to dislike it because it is terrible for my thighs.  But when pondering my recipe, I realized nothing else goes better with eggs.  The ingredients for the creamy goodness are below.  Don’t even ask me about the measurements.  I have no idea.  I dump until it tastes good.

Yolk (duh)
Crumbled bacon
Spicy brown mustard
Shredded sharp cheddar
Paprika (just a dash!)

Special thanks to T for teaching me how to boil eggs and fry bacon.  Without you, I would have had a couple dozen half cooked yolks and bacon flavored rubber.

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