Costume Failure

#Fail.  That is for my Halloween costume.  I was going to be roller girl.  Then I saw a cellulite dimple below my tiny shorts and said f that. I had about an hour of panic while I tried to come up with a new costume.  My first idea was to be Alan from the Hangover.  I really wanted to duct tape a baby to me and wear a beard.  The bf wasn’t thrilled with that idea and made some silly, empty threats.  Then there were a few low cost, aka whatever is in my closet ideas, but none of them had Alan’s appeal.  I eventually procrastinated to the point of no costume.

The first party was Saturday night.  We worked on the house all day (hanging the ceilings and walls that we previously tore down) and we were exhausted by party time.  I couldn’t even make the effort to wash my hair, so the desire to put on a costume was not there.  We prepared to be ridiculed for our lack of spirit.  Turns out it was a Halloween party but NOT a costume party.  Wouldn’t it have been awkward if roller girl had skated through the front door?

The next event was Sunday night.  We were invited to a party for the uptown restaurant and bar industry people. Neither of us is in the industry, but I guess we are honorary members due to our regular patronage at the local establishments.  The party didn’t even start until 9:30, so once again after a long day of drywall and painting, my desire to be Alan had waned.  Instead I took the opportunity to wear 6” heels that are inappropriate for most occasions.  I even wore black leggings and t-shirt to make sure my shoes were showcased in all their glory.  I loved it.  I was so tall and as graceful as a gazelle…even after several glasses of wine.  Sunday night parties make a painful Monday morning, but it was worth it.


One Comment to “Costume Failure”

  1. I was so looking for pics of rollergril!

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