Missing: Easy Button

Example 1

A sliced thumb, 2 heat gun burns, 8 bruises on one knee…where the hell is my easy button?  I move in 2 weeks and the house is…well…still very much unfinished.  I’m not someone that freaks out (I tend to workout my stress in the gym and then later with dessert).  But I almost had a moment last night.  To combat it, I shopped this morning.  I bought all new glassware (including wine glasses), a fantastic original mid-mod lamp at Lula B’s, and a sofa.  Yes, a sofa.  A rather large impulse buy.  It conveniently gets delivered the day after I move in.  The bf was at work when I made my purchases so hopefully he doesn’t have an opinion.

Whether I wanted to or not, I’ve improved my home renovation skills.  See photo in example 1.  Don’t worry.  I did not actually perform any tasks while on the stilts.  I put them on for the photo op and to briefly experience life at 7’3”.  The novelty didn’t last long.

While enjoying an early dinner and a new Saison at the Moth last night (had to get back to the house to strip trim), we started talking about future projects.  It hit me.  The house will never be done.  Never.  What’s next on the list?  See below.  It is in order of priority.

  1. Finish the stairs. Deadline: Christmas
  2. Tear down the walls in the living room and build the new mantle. Deadline: Christmas (I need something pretty to hang the stockings from)
  3. Gut the bathroom.  Deadline: March but the bf doesn’t know it yet…
  4. Strip, insulate, and paint the exterior of the house.  Deadline: Oh lord, who knows
  5. Build a garage.  Deadline: Maybe we will move…

I think I should stick to what I do best.  Decorating and selecting the prettier things in life.

New sofa!

Lucy next to the door that caused my 2 burns


4 Responses to “Missing: Easy Button”

  1. I thought you experienced life at 7’3″ every day you put your heels on?!?


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