The Dark Side

I think I am part of a disappearing species.  Women everywhere are going to the dark side…

The bf and I were at the Stars game and spending more time watching the ice girls than the hockey game; they are fascinating and never break their smile. We noticed that of approx 20 girls, there were 2 blondes.  Two!  Aren’t cheerleaders supposed to be blonde?  I had a hair appointment the following morning with my highlight man, Andy.  He confirmed that this is not merely a result of hurtful gossip and it is indeed true.  Dark locks are trendy.  *Gasp*  The blondes will not be D listed!  My signature color will stay in tact.

Of course there will never be a shortage of buxom blondes in Texas, but there are definitely fewer.  I can only hope that the blondes that are converting are those that give us a bad name.  And those that are part of the buxomly group.  I plan to continue my reign as President of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.


2 Responses to “The Dark Side”

  1. OMG, Itty Bitty TItty Committee, I am dying right now. Actually, there was a story on Sunday Morning that red hair and blue eyes will eventually be obsolete. T


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