Smells Like Teen Spirit

I finally did it.  I got rid of my prom dresses.  I was packing this morning and realized it is absolutely absurd to allow poofs of taffeta to take up precious closet space.   I graduated high school in 99.  That means I have been hauling these dresses around for over a decade.  God, that makes me sound old.  I made one very callous mistake when I carelessly tossed the dresses in the donation bin.  I didn’t get any photos.  Damn.  And my actual prom pics are packed.

Why did I keep a grasp on prom for so long?  Was I holding onto teen spirit memories or hoping that one day one of my dreamy dates would reappear in my life?  Not exactly.  I’m struggling to even remember one guy’s name.  After a bottle or more of wine, I would put them on about once a year.  All four of them.  It was rarely planned.  Except for that one girls weekend…the night ended with taco bell, champagne and prom dresses.  Zipping up each dress was sort of a check in.  If I could still zip into senior year and breath even short, quick breathes, I was feeling HOT!  Silly, perhaps. But it was personal goal.

You better believe I paused all packing today to give the dresses one final twirl.  This time I didn’t have wine and Lucy was my date.  She gave me a raised eyebrow that said, “You crazy, girl.”


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