Musty Aphrodisiac

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my family, the bf, old and new friends, Lucy, and truffle oil.  The juice of the gods.  Truffle oil is like an aphrodisiac.  Just one sniff sends me to an unbelievable level of bliss.  It’s food porn.

I recently had an out of body experience at Nova.  I was working late at the office to avoid working on the house when the bf called and surprised me with a night off.  We had previously cocktailed at Nova but had never dined.  Their lack of beer selection combined with their gastro-pub proclamation discouraged future visits.  We have been missing out (food only; beer still needs work).  All dishes were delish, and the 3 mushroom pizza with white truffle oil might be the best pizza in Dallas.  It makes Eno’s look like fucking Pizza Hut.  Neo’s (not to cause confusion) black truffle pizza is the only pie that can compete on the same level.  I need a few more rounds of each to truly determine the champ.

I am ordering black and white truffle oil online as I write this post.  I plan to drizzle it on everything.  The sensual aroma might permanently permeate our new drywall.  I might even infuse the bf’s cologne.  Mmmm.

1417 W Davis St


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