Moving Day Panic

The official move took place the morning of Black Friday.  Did it go off without a hitch?  Not exactly.  I am kind of like Monica Geller when it comes to my space, so this renovation experience has been almost more than I can handle; especially when my things were about to arrive.

I woke up Friday morning in a panic.  I don’t know if it was because I watched SATC2 the night before and got freaked out that the bf and I could end up like Big and Carrie or if renovation realities just crashed in hard.  The house wasn’t complete (still isn’t) and I was about to give up my clean, pretty little home that was all mine to live in a dusty mess with a boy.  At that moment, all I wanted was our lives pre-reno back.  The bf was sleeping like a baby and I was balling like a baby.  You know the crying where you choke on your sobs?  That was me…while hiding in the bathroom.  I was a puffy mess when I finally pulled myself together to meet the movers.  I pulled my hat down low and attempted to pretend everything was fine.

I didn’t come clean with the bf until Sunday morning (after I tortured him all weekend).  I was primping for brunch with a girlfriend and realized no amount of champagne or syrup could calm me.  As soon as I let it all out (between snotty sniffles), the panic and worries disappeared.  Funny how that happens.  All is happy in the household now, and we are so close to finishing.  I am counting down the days until our first dinner party in our teal dining room!

Now we are talking about buying a rental house to renovate.  What am I thinking…


4 Responses to “Moving Day Panic”

  1. Misty-
    I love your honesty and what a natural response. It is all part of the journey:)


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