Zoila Day Dreams

Today is Wednesday.  That means Maria, our housekeeper, is doing her thing on Clinton Ave.  I prefer to think of her as Zoila and pretend she is a sassy and randy Nicaraguan woman.  In reality, she is very sweet and maybe 40. She also doesn’t clean well.  She can’t spot a dirty window or baseboard to save her life.  I’m told she cleans better when there is not a renovation mess.  We will see.

I usually remember Zoila is at the house around 11 am.  I immediately have day dreams of her and Lucy watching telenovela and eating queso in bed.  Too bad she is scared to death of Lucy.  Sometimes she is also updating her LatinAmericanCupid.com profile in my day dreams.  She is on the prowl for Mr. Right Now.  Don’t mind the fact that she is married in real life.  I kind of want to set up nanny cams, but I don’t want to be disappointed when I actually see her cleaning and changing Lucy’s bed sheets.  Before you call me a name, we didn’t ask her to do that.  She does it on her own.

I’m going to check the TV tonight to see what channel it was left on.  Then again…Zoila is much too crafty to make that rookie mistake.


5 Responses to “Zoila Day Dreams”

  1. I want to be Zoila’s Mr. Right Now.

  2. Misty, Misty, Misty! You crack me up! You created such a vision in my mind lol!


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