Don’t Be a D-Bag

Don’t do it.  Don’t be that Uptown guy with the horrible lines.  Step up your game and stand out from the local d-bags.  I received a particularly bad line this morning.  It inspired me to document the 3 worst sober pick up lines I heard in 2010.  These guys can’t even blame the juice.

  • I was sending an email while waiting in line at the gas station.  The man behind me leaned in and whispered his name and phone number.  I turned around and gave him the stink eye.  He suddenly needed to select a bag of chips at 7 am.
  • I was waiting for my take-out order, dinner for me and the bf, and a d-bag walks over to ask me what I would like to name our first born.
  • As I was leaving the gym, a man yelled out “Hey girrllll, can I buy you a slurpee sometime?”  I’ll give him kudos for making me laugh.

It’s only Thursday.  You have time to think about your approach before the weekend.  On second thought, don’t step up your game.  Just be yourself.  Unless you want a slurpee kind of girl.


2 Responses to “Don’t Be a D-Bag”

  1. What? What’s wrong with slurpees? ;p


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