Signature Scent

I only have one item on my Christmas list this year.  The Scent of Peace by Bond No. 9 New York.  Assuming Santa is good to me, I am going to change my long-time signature scent from Astor Place, also in the Bond family.  It’s taken me a year to make the change.

The entire Bond No. 9 collection is fabulous, but The Scent of Peace had me at first sniff.  Dustin and I were fragrance and Rolex (window) shopping when he first introduced me to it.  I gave myself a little squirt and immediately wanted to snuggle my own neck. Dustin’s first comment was, “Misty, that makes me want to lick you.”  At that moment I knew The Scent of Peace was a must have.  I’ve been a Bond fan for awhile.  Prior to Astor Place, my scent was Bryant Park.  I’m working my way through the family.  The best part is that you can layer them. It is like building a wardrobe.  Each combination creates an entirely new scent.

I’m not sure how the bf will take the change.  I wore a different fragrance once in the last year.  He kept looking at me like I was a different woman.  It threw him off for the entire evening.  He’ll have to adjust.  The Scent of Peace will be mine in 15 days.

Check out the Bond No. 9 story

The Scent of Peace


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