Local and Organic Members Only

I signed up for a produce co-op.  I was in love with the idea before I even truly understood it.  All I needed to hear was local and organic.  It also didn’t hurt that Urban Acres, the local organic market, is walking distance from the house.  I don’t even have to get in the car to purchase my obscure produce.

The bf and I joined for a couple reasons.  The most obvious being that we want to support the local community and Texas farms.  Another being that we can’t wait to get that mystery produce item that we have to learn to cook.  I also wanted to be a member with exclusive access to special items.  I think I was a sucker.

So we got our first half-share, 15-18 lbs of produce, on Monday.  I swear it is the best produce I have ever had.  I have never made a citrus vinaigrette so delicious.  But let’s be honest.  It could taste like dirt, and I would love it just because of the concept behind it (and because I am a member).   With that, I am off to learn to like radishes without covering them in ranch.

I stole some info from the Urban Acres website that explains what they are all about.
What started as a few friends traveling the dirt roads of Texas in a Volkswagen Rabbit has become the source of local organic food for thousands of people in the Dallas metroplex.  Urban Acres is a local organic market, and our goal is to provide our community with very best local and organic foods while supporting Texas farm families and artisans.

Our farm store allows small farmers and local artisans to have a voice and share their gifts.  We also created a “co-op style” produce system that makes shopping easy and trying new veggies fun.  All of us here at Urban Acres got really tired of not knowing where our food comes from, and we like taking care of the earth by getting food from around the corner and not a million miles away.


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  1. Have you checked out Norma’s?

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