Vertical Epic

Stone Vertical Epic Ale.  It is on my top 3 beer list now.  I am the fist to admit that my beer knowledge is very limited, but I am developing my palette.  It was delicious at first sip and didn’t stop there.  The fiance even liked it so much that he had 3 glasses in a row.  That does not happen.  He is pretty non-committal with his beer.  Thankfully the same can’t be said for his ladies (lady).

It immediately reminded me of my wine of choice, Sauvignon Blanc.  Turns out it is made with Sauvignon Blanc grapes.  I knew the Epic and I were a match.  I even got my typical wine buzz with its 9.5% alcohol.  No beer bloat here!

Apparently this beer is so good that it is a special release and available for a limited time.   I had my experience at The Common Table on Friday night.  You might want to stop by soon.  I heard the next release isn’t until November!


2 Comments to “Vertical Epic”

  1. Very cool review. I like trying new brews. You will have to remind of this one next time I am in Dallas.

  2. I will have list for us to taste!

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