My Very Own Daddy Warbucks

Halloween 2011

It’s a little early, but I already have our Halloween costumes planned.  It came up because I have major hair envy right now.  Afro envy to be exact.  It must be because my own naturally curly hair makes me look like a blonde chia pet.  Or Orphan Annie.  *Aha moment* And I have my Halloween costume!  I’m going to be Orphan Annie and I’ll get the fiance to be Daddy Warbucks.  A little dirty, but that makes it all the better.

Back to afros.  My friend Robin has amazing hair.  She picked me up for lunch on Saturday and I was so excited to see that her natural hair was back.  Wild, curly, twisted, and spunky.  Just like her.  I think I told her 15 times that I love her hair.  My admiration probably seems a little rude.  The fiance and I had brunch at Breadwinner’s recently and I think I scared a poor woman to death when I stopped her dead in her tracks to tell her much I loved her hair.  I can’t help myself.

You definitely have to have a level of confidence to rock a fro.  Or at least that’s what it says to me.  What’s a blonde do when her hair doesn’t want to participate?  I heard perms are back.  Maybe I will perm my hair to attempt to get an afro.  I kid…


2 Comments to “My Very Own Daddy Warbucks”

  1. Which one am I? Twisted or spunky??? 🙂

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