Fashion Rules for Men – Part 2

The fiance scolded me after my Fashion Rules for Men post.  He thought I skipped the basics and was way too advanced.  He is right.  I ended up writing my list of pet peeves rather than general rules.  But come on, didn’t you love the rule about hair length?  Maybe he is just bothered that I did not get his thoughts before I pushed the publish button.  So here it goes.  His top 10 list.  Back to basics, boys!

  • Always match your shoes to your belt and match your socks to your pants.
  • Don’t wear the same pattern on the top and bottom.  Stripes on top means no stripes on your pants.
  • Wear clothes that fit.
  • Wear shoes that require polish.
  • Never wear a tie without a jacket.*
  • Don’t be scared of the iron.
  • Never own a jewel toned button down shirt.
  • Know the difference between a half break and a full break.
  • If your facial hair grows in patches, have a meeting with your razor daily.
  • If you are under 30 and you part your hair, realize you have your retirement years to do so.

Hopefully you learned something.

*Unless you are a hipster and know how to buy the appropriate tie and shirt to pull off this sort of thing.


2 Comments to “Fashion Rules for Men – Part 2”

  1. Your fiance comes from the same strain as my ex- Naval Officer husband. I I could just get him from parting his hair. He is retired, so maybe that’s what’s wrong. Your fiance” Must Be A Sharp Dressed Man.” Hang on to him…we have been married 45 years.!!

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