Wrinkles and Saggy Tatas

Photo from Philosophy.com

I’m turning 30 this year and I have two major (and superficial) concerns.  Saggy boobs and wrinkles on my face.  I know both are inevitable, but I plan to slow the process as much as possible.  If you read Plastic is not Fantastic, you know that I do not believe in injectables or plastic surgery until it is absolutely necessary.  Makes the young look old (30 is still young, damn it!) and the old look 45.  I have other solutions.

The boobs…I workout the pectorals regularly in my strength training.  I figure it will at least give the illusion of no sagging.  My status as President of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee helps too.

As for wrinkles, I have found a fountain of youth.  Philosophy products.  After ignoring the looming 3-0 for a year, I finally started using Philosophy regularly in December.  I hadn’t thought much about it until I was stuck in traffic. I did a little facial inspection in the harsh sunlight that seems to show every flaw.  The hints of creases are almost gone!  Cheers to another year of looking 29!

Check out Philosophy’s site.  I like the Makeup Optional kit.


2 Comments to “Wrinkles and Saggy Tatas”

  1. My sweet young friend! Saggy Tatas come after the new born baby has sucked the life out of them… that is inevitable. As far as the wrinkles go… I wear mine proudly, I earned every single one of them!!

  2. I’ll hold off on the baby thing for awhile then!

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