Nosy Passenger

I’m sitting on a delayed flight home and I’m next to a nosy passenger looking over my shoulder.  The plane is about to back up from the gate as I am wrapping up my final text.  The nosy woman decides she is not happy with me.  It goes like this.

Nosy: Your phone is supposed to be turned off.
Me: I know.  (I continue texting)
Nosy: They say it really interferes with the plane and is dangerous.
Me: Hmmm…I’ve heard just the opposite.
Nosy: Well, I heard just last week that 2 planes went down and they think it was from cell phones.
Me: (I finally look up at her) Bullshit.

I didn’t really say bullshit, but my eyes did.  At that moment, I decided I would take over the armrest for the duration of the flight.

I would guesstimate that I am on 70 flights a year.  I don’t remember the last time I turned my phone off.  Did I decide to do it this time?  Absolutely not.  We even made it to Dallas without a crash.  When we hit a little turbulence, I was tempted to lean over and tell her that it was because my phone was still on.  Shame on me.


2 Comments to “Nosy Passenger”

  1. My husband and I are cracking up at this post! As much as we both travel, we can so visualize that!

  2. I was so irritated with her! I kept my phone on just to be brat.

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