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February 23, 2011

The Ungettable Reservation

I am anti all things pretentious.  This especially applies to restaurants.  Dinner at Nick & Sam’s or Capital Grille sounds painful.  Yes, the food is delicious, but it is such a snooze and so…expected.  I’ll leave it for the cougars and status chasers.

Our distaste for it is just one reason why the fiancé and I were anxiously awaiting Lucia.  A new Bishop Arts gem without the slightest air of snobiness, even when it would be well deserved.  We aren’t planners when it comes to our personal lives, so getting a table with a month long wait list had us discouraged.  That was until we had the ice storm.  Voila!  The non-OC locals couldn’t get up the hill and we got the ungettable reservation with friends and neighbors.  The dinner and company were amazing.  Comfortable, rustic, and inviting…exactly how food and dining should be.  The space matched the food and people perfectly.  Have you ever noticed how important this is in your experience?

My recommendation at Lucia?  Go with a small group and share everything.  Pasta (gnocchi and a spaghetti), salumi, duck, pork cheeks…oh my, the list goes on…and changes frequently.   All the more reason for me to go back soon.

February 18, 2011

Foster the People

Photo from

New(ish) music alert!  Foster the People.  I don’t know anything about them, but I love their sound.  I’m calling it now…they are the next MGMT.  Catchy lyrics (even if I can’t really understand them), falsetto choruses, and head nodding beats.  I thoroughly enjoy all 3 of their tracks.  They are pretty freaking cute too.  Even for skinny jeans wearing musicians.  I think it is the facial hair.

My Denver and Austin friends, they will be in your city in March.  You would be doing me a disservice if you didn’t see them live.  Give the handsome Mr. Foster a wink for me.

February 16, 2011

Restaurant Blacklist

There is a little bit of irony in this post.  I am about to dog on a restaurant while I am sitting in that very restaurant enjoying a beer (Local 1).  I tried to go home after work, but Zoila is still cleaning and eating queso (need a Zoila refresher?).  To avoid a barrage of questions about what/how to clean, I made my way to Eno’s for beer and email catch up.  Screw the coffee shop.

The fiance has a restaurant blacklist.  We have certain, but not unreasonable, expectations about service and quality.  One establishment that I can’t believe is NOT on the list is Eno’s.  Love, love their beer, but if only their staff knew a thing or two about the deliciousness they serve.  It’s almost as if they threw darts at the craft beer world and they happened to hit some good ones.  And jesus their pizza sucks.

You know how I like to recall conversations, so here is another one.

Me: What saisons do you have?
Bartender 1: Long pause and intense look of confusion. I don’t know what that is.
Me: Uh…
The fiance: Like Saison DuPont.
Bartender 1: Lightbulb. Oh! We have that!
Me: In pain from biting my tongue

Bartender 2: His face is cringing as he dumps out a very large taste of a beer.
Me: You didn’t like what you tasted?
Bartender 2: No, not at all.  Way too heavy.
Me: What was it?
Bartender 2: Local 1.
Me: Heart breaking about the dumped Local 1.

Eno’s, you have so much potential!  We will continue to visit regularly because your beer is so damn good (and your space is pretty cool too), but please teach your staff about what they are serving.  “Just a beer” is not an acceptable response to “Tell me about a Little Sumpin’ Wild.”

Deuces and Smooches,

February 14, 2011

Must Have Valentine’s Day Music

In the spirit of the day of love, I am sharing my favorite love song.  Actually, it might be more of a break up song.  It is good regardless.  It also triggers a special memory for me.

For the romance haters, I am including my favorite sexy time song.  The romantics can also add it to their dessert playlist.  Oh yeah!

Love: Someone Else’s Baby by Will Hoge
Sexy Time: Home by Marc Broussard (anything by this guy is hot)

February 9, 2011

Valentine’s Day Hiatus

I’m bucking the Valentine blog trend and not writing about the best V day present for your SO.  I think V Day is lame.  Since I am in a relationship, I can say that without you accusing me of being a bitter single.  And don’t call me a V Day scrooge like a friend of mine. I happen to believe that you should celebrate your love every day!  Okay…that was about as cheesy as a Meg Ryan movie, but I whole heartedly believe it.

The anxiety people (women) put themselves through is silly.  I realize not all people, even my friends, share my opinion. Well you can read for yourself below.  “Friend” and I had a text conversation that is still amusing me.  She is remaining anonymous to protect our friendship.

Friend: What are y’all doing for your 1st V Day as an engaged couple?
Me: Idk.  Prob not much.  I think V Day is silly.  Last year was spent at The Grapevine watching the Olympics.
For those non-locals, I should note that The Grapevine is a quasi gay bar.  Very romantic.
Friend: I’m mad @ ____ cuz he asked me if we could alternate years to celebrate v day.
Friend: Like only celebrate every other year.
Me: Who asks that?  You made me laugh out loud at the airport bar.
Friend: Only retards ask that!
Me: I just snorted wine.
Friend: My answer was a resounding NO!!!

In case you are curious, Friend and ____ compromised and will be celebrating their love the day before V Day.  Let’s see if he asks to skip it next year…

February 2, 2011

Elvis is Dead

Elvis is dead.  Not that Elvis.  Elvis the fish (see post about the day I purchased Elvis).  We have a little ice in Dallas, and it has caused a mess.  A tree fell on the house and took out a power line with it.  The fiancé and I saved the dogs and our laptops, but forgot Elvis in his bowl.  I found a fish-sicle when I went home last night to get a few things.  I am attempting to thaw the poor guy.  RIP Elvis.  You will always be remembered as the fish that lived the longest. Not that it is hard to beat a 4 day life span.

February 1, 2011

Saturday Afternoon Delight…Art and a Patio

Annie Leibovitz

Don’t let the exterior ugliness of the Women’s Museum fool you.  The interior of the space has very cool architecture and the longest free standing staircase in the state of Texas.  That’s impressive.  It has pretty good art and history too.

The fiance and I went there on Saturday to see the Annie Leibovitz: Women exhibit.  I’ve seen her work a thousand times before, so you would think a photograph in a book isn’t much different than a photograph in person.  That is not the case.  It is much more powerful and captivating in person.  My favorite of the show…Susan Sarandon.  Surprising because I don’t care for her as a person (since I know her so well), yet I couldn’t take myself away from the photo.  Also surprising, the men were more than willing to join me.  I was ready to dangle this in front of them if needed.  “*This exhibit contains adult content, please use discretion.”

We had a beer tasting on the patio at Amsterdam Bar after the museum.  It was a perfect afternoon.  My favorite beer of the day…Satan Red.

The collection is up until April 10.  Admission is only $5 and well worth the time.  Reading up on Annie Leibovitz before you visit will make her photographs even better.

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