Saturday Afternoon Delight…Art and a Patio

Annie Leibovitz

Don’t let the exterior ugliness of the Women’s Museum fool you.  The interior of the space has very cool architecture and the longest free standing staircase in the state of Texas.  That’s impressive.  It has pretty good art and history too.

The fiance and I went there on Saturday to see the Annie Leibovitz: Women exhibit.  I’ve seen her work a thousand times before, so you would think a photograph in a book isn’t much different than a photograph in person.  That is not the case.  It is much more powerful and captivating in person.  My favorite of the show…Susan Sarandon.  Surprising because I don’t care for her as a person (since I know her so well), yet I couldn’t take myself away from the photo.  Also surprising, the men were more than willing to join me.  I was ready to dangle this in front of them if needed.  “*This exhibit contains adult content, please use discretion.”

We had a beer tasting on the patio at Amsterdam Bar after the museum.  It was a perfect afternoon.  My favorite beer of the day…Satan Red.

The collection is up until April 10.  Admission is only $5 and well worth the time.  Reading up on Annie Leibovitz before you visit will make her photographs even better.


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