Valentine’s Day Hiatus

I’m bucking the Valentine blog trend and not writing about the best V day present for your SO.  I think V Day is lame.  Since I am in a relationship, I can say that without you accusing me of being a bitter single.  And don’t call me a V Day scrooge like a friend of mine. I happen to believe that you should celebrate your love every day!  Okay…that was about as cheesy as a Meg Ryan movie, but I whole heartedly believe it.

The anxiety people (women) put themselves through is silly.  I realize not all people, even my friends, share my opinion. Well you can read for yourself below.  “Friend” and I had a text conversation that is still amusing me.  She is remaining anonymous to protect our friendship.

Friend: What are y’all doing for your 1st V Day as an engaged couple?
Me: Idk.  Prob not much.  I think V Day is silly.  Last year was spent at The Grapevine watching the Olympics.
For those non-locals, I should note that The Grapevine is a quasi gay bar.  Very romantic.
Friend: I’m mad @ ____ cuz he asked me if we could alternate years to celebrate v day.
Friend: Like only celebrate every other year.
Me: Who asks that?  You made me laugh out loud at the airport bar.
Friend: Only retards ask that!
Me: I just snorted wine.
Friend: My answer was a resounding NO!!!

In case you are curious, Friend and ____ compromised and will be celebrating their love the day before V Day.  Let’s see if he asks to skip it next year…


2 Comments to “Valentine’s Day Hiatus”

  1. I mean seriously… who asks that? I don’t like V-Day either but I suck it up and DO IT. Every other year? Dumb.

  2. Ha! It makes a good story though!

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