Restaurant Blacklist

There is a little bit of irony in this post.  I am about to dog on a restaurant while I am sitting in that very restaurant enjoying a beer (Local 1).  I tried to go home after work, but Zoila is still cleaning and eating queso (need a Zoila refresher?).  To avoid a barrage of questions about what/how to clean, I made my way to Eno’s for beer and email catch up.  Screw the coffee shop.

The fiance has a restaurant blacklist.  We have certain, but not unreasonable, expectations about service and quality.  One establishment that I can’t believe is NOT on the list is Eno’s.  Love, love their beer, but if only their staff knew a thing or two about the deliciousness they serve.  It’s almost as if they threw darts at the craft beer world and they happened to hit some good ones.  And jesus their pizza sucks.

You know how I like to recall conversations, so here is another one.

Me: What saisons do you have?
Bartender 1: Long pause and intense look of confusion. I don’t know what that is.
Me: Uh…
The fiance: Like Saison DuPont.
Bartender 1: Lightbulb. Oh! We have that!
Me: In pain from biting my tongue

Bartender 2: His face is cringing as he dumps out a very large taste of a beer.
Me: You didn’t like what you tasted?
Bartender 2: No, not at all.  Way too heavy.
Me: What was it?
Bartender 2: Local 1.
Me: Heart breaking about the dumped Local 1.

Eno’s, you have so much potential!  We will continue to visit regularly because your beer is so damn good (and your space is pretty cool too), but please teach your staff about what they are serving.  “Just a beer” is not an acceptable response to “Tell me about a Little Sumpin’ Wild.”

Deuces and Smooches,


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