The Ungettable Reservation

I am anti all things pretentious.  This especially applies to restaurants.  Dinner at Nick & Sam’s or Capital Grille sounds painful.  Yes, the food is delicious, but it is such a snooze and so…expected.  I’ll leave it for the cougars and status chasers.

Our distaste for it is just one reason why the fiancé and I were anxiously awaiting Lucia.  A new Bishop Arts gem without the slightest air of snobiness, even when it would be well deserved.  We aren’t planners when it comes to our personal lives, so getting a table with a month long wait list had us discouraged.  That was until we had the ice storm.  Voila!  The non-OC locals couldn’t get up the hill and we got the ungettable reservation with friends and neighbors.  The dinner and company were amazing.  Comfortable, rustic, and inviting…exactly how food and dining should be.  The space matched the food and people perfectly.  Have you ever noticed how important this is in your experience?

My recommendation at Lucia?  Go with a small group and share everything.  Pasta (gnocchi and a spaghetti), salumi, duck, pork cheeks…oh my, the list goes on…and changes frequently.   All the more reason for me to go back soon.


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