My Love Affair is Over

It is big day for The Plastic Jungle…the food & wine category has changed to food & beer.  My serious love for hops and barley hit me when I was dining with a gf at Victor Tango’s Monday night.  I didn’t even glance at the wine list.  I went straight for the beer and ordered myself a Golden Monkey Tripel.  This isn’t the first time this has happened. I ignored it in the beginning like I ignore the fact that my natural hair color is not as blonde as I claim.  My love affair with Sauvignon Blanc is over.  I immediately texted the fiance to tell him that I had officially converted.  You would have thought I was a Catholic converting to Judaism (he would be Jewish in this example).  I think he fell in love with me all over again. Then he told me to order the Doggy Style.

I feel I should note that Victor Tango’s is worth an immediate visit for 3 reasons.  I will visit again and again for #3.

  1. Their excellent taste in music
  2. The adult beverages
  3. Ahi Tuna Nachos

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