I bought a MOM car…the shame

I bought a mom car.  No…I am not pregnant and the fiancé and I do not have plans for a child in the near future.  Watch this will be my curse…uh blessing…to get a giant bump before the big day.

One day I shamefully admitted to my friend Duncan that Bridget (my BMW) was gone.  He is a lover of speed and German styling just like me.  When I told him why, his bout of giggles made me realize just how silly the story is.

I traded in my beloved 2 door BMW for an SUV, aka mom car, because my dog couldn’t fit in my car.   Okay there were other reasons too, but this reason makes the best story.  If the fiancé and I took Lucy with us, he had to ride in the backseat.  Lucy is much too large to fit in the back.  Don’t even think about her giant ass squishing through the tiny opening to get to the backseat.  That means the dog got shotgun.  And oh boy wasn’t she proud.  The fiance was a very patient man, but enough was enough.  It was time to get a car our little family could ride in comfortably.  I also needed a car that didn’t cost me $200 for an oil change.  Goodbye BMW and hello Nissan Murano!  I am looking forward to your upcoming $24.99 oil change.


One Comment to “I bought a MOM car…the shame”

  1. OMG, I used to have to sit in the back seat of an old beau’s truck. It was when he had tools in the back and only one seat was down to make room for the German Shepard. It is a little humilitating and I do think the dog completely knows that they are in a position of power.

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