A Gastropub and a Girl Crush…

I have a girl crush.  Unfortunately I don’t remember her name.  Let’s call her Veronica.  Sparks flew as soon as we started talking beer at Holeman & Finch, my new fav in the ATL.  I know the crush is mutual because she later gave Dustin her phone number to give me.  *blush*

I was perusing their beer list and saw a “rare” beer called Black Ops on the menu.  Right there in printed ink.  Actually on the menu.  Not scrawled in with a pen or hiding on a secret menu.  The fiance recently justified paying $45 a bottle for it in Dallas.  H&F charges $28.  Rare beer my ass.  It’s kind of like the elusive trappist we were on a mad search for in Belgium.  The guys were scouring the beer books and asking all the locals.  Finally we got a tip and drug ourselves to a pub on a Sunday morning just to say Westvleteren has touched our lips.  Much later that night, we wandered into a different pub in Brussels and guess what was on the menu…

Back to Holeman & Finch.  These people know their beer AND their food.  The food was to die for, especially the giant hotdog and  steak tartare.  Dustin is on a health kick and ordered the few healthy things while Marcia and I shared the wiener.

Girl crush or not, I will be back as often as possible.

Holeman & Finch

Black Ops



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