Adult Ballet Classes


I am tardy for the party.  I am just now posting about Black Swan.  I saw it months ago and I am still obsessed.  Because of that movie, I am on the search for adult ballet classes to fulfill my dream of being a ballerina.  I have had no luck.  Everyone discriminates against adults.  I am shorter than most 18 year olds and don’t take up more space than the plump teens you see running around.  That should count for something.  I am a 29 year old that just wants to dance, damn it!

I even talked Philip into taking the classes with me if I find a studio.  It was more like negotiated with Philip.  He agreed to it as long as his recital could be at my wedding.  He would pick the music and dedicate his dance to the undying love the fiancé and I share.  He already has the flexibility needed for the most impressive ballet moves (see photo to the left).

BTW, you are not going to get the results you expect when you google “adult dance classes”.  At least I didn’t.  I can also recognize that the tights and tutu are the real reason for my search.  Halloween only comes around once a year and I want to wear a tutu everyday!


8 Responses to “Adult Ballet Classes”

  1. I danced for years and they have classes in ATL, also see if there are any barre classes. I keep bugging my gym to add them. I haven’t signed up for the classes here yet, but I want to (add to my bucket list). When are you coming back in town? That is what we will do ballet, then hit a gastro pub. Dustin is going to kill us!

  2. Ballet AND beer…yeah! Dustin will look fantastic in pink! I will look for barre classes. I haven’t found anything near me. I even looked at the community college. I was going to major in dance.

  3. He is a pretty girl, isn’t he??

  4. He probably knows of some good pole dancing classes.

  5. He is the prettiest! We found a ladies only class today, but unfortunately that won’t work.

  6. OK, so I am adding to your Atlanta list (Dustin is really going to kill us) – play date with Ava (your soul sister), ballet class and then a gastro pub. When are you coming back to towm?


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