Baby Pact

The fiancé and I keep getting the baby question now that we are engaged.  The mom car doesn’t help either.  We are a long way from making a baby, but we did make a pact last weekend.  We will have NO plastic furniture or accessories in our home.  Plastic in primary colors does not coordinate with our sputnik chandelier and cowhide rug.  Naïve?  Nah.  Isn’t the kid supposed to conform to our taste and lifestyle?  It doesn’t care if the nursery is baby blue or a sexy gray, but mama does.  The fiancé even created some mid-century modern Lincoln Logs with real wood.  It was sort of an accident, but they are bad ass.  Now I just need to package and market it.  It will certainly be a hit in the cliff.

Speaking of babies, I attended a baby shower last night and walked away with a load of new knowledge.  That’s not hard to do.  And it’s probably time for me to learn.  Do you know that babies have poop bags?  I would rather save money and use Lucy’s bags from the dog park.  They both smell like powder and serve the same purpose.  I also learned that moms change over 7000 diapers over 2 years. WHAT?!  That is reason enough for me to never touch a diaper until it is my own kid’s.  Hell, I may even delegate that duty to someone else.

Last night was my first baby shower that didn’t serve alcohol…maybe that’s why I learned so much.  When my gf Jenn had her baby, I sent her sangria recipes so she could be adequately prepared for my attendance.  Brilliant plan on my part.  The other non-moms loved me.


2 Comments to “Baby Pact”

  1. giggling!!! You probablly think your baby is going to sleep through the night immediately and speak German fluently by the time they are 3. It’s all good, keep that fantasy alive… if we knew what we were really getting into nobody would ever reproduce!!!

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