The Need for Speed

It was 6 am and it was just me and the open road.  I felt the need for speed.  Very fast speed…

I rented a car for a day trip to Austin.  I love a good game of rental car roulette when I travel.  The possibility of getting a lime green Scion adds a little excitement to an otherwise predictable business trip.  I wasn’t up for surprises on a road trip though.  I splurged (with company money) and upgraded!  Then upgraded again with a little charm at the counter.   Mamma was riding in a fly Ford Edge with plastic dubs and a faux wood grain finish.  At least it had Sirius.

Back to my need for speed.  Oh wait…Enterprise put a maximum speed of 80 on the car.  What?  It gets better.  The car has a warning sound when you hit 75.  I got passed by a c.1985 Honda Civic.  The hatchback kind.  At least I had Sirius to make it better.  Oh no.  Enterprise also put a volume control on the stereo.  I made this discovery when I was attempting to drown out my own singing.  Those men at the counter did not think I was so charming when I returned the car.


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