Confession Friday

It is Confession Friday!  Here it goes.  I had no interest in the royal family until last week.  Then I chose to record the royal wedding on 3 different channels.  The 3rd was an impulse record as I was running out the door this morning.  I can’t believe I almost forgot about E!  I can’t miss anything.  I caught the kiss and a few highlights on the news to satisfy curiosity until I can torture the poor fiancé this evening with non-stop DVR playbacks.  What do I think of the event so far?

  • I think Kate’s dress is a little boring.  She got upstaged by her sister.  Okay, maybe “upstaged” is a little strong, but sis looked amazing in her form fitting, cowl neck gown.  Kate’s constant ear to ear grin made up for it.
  • Dear Victoria Beckham…I don’t love the moo moo.  I get that you are pregnant, but you aren’t going to a funeral.  And show off that bump instead of hiding it.
  • For some reason I feel the need to wear a hat today.
  • Thank GOD there was a second kiss.  The first attempt made a little concerned about the wedding night activities.

I expect that the Browning-Sanford wedding will get the same coverage…no?


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